San Andreas is infected!  


OK............. Here's the backstory. An unmarked plane crashed into Lake Vinewood.

Within twenty minutes of the crash, state borders were closed with no one permitted to leave the island. The official word from the mainland was that travel restrictions would only last for several hours (but those restrictions would never be lifted). Those statements also said that we should only eat and drink sealed food items dated before the crash. That sparked fear among the residents of San Andreas. People began to suffer a number of illnesses, the first were flu-like symptoms. The infected looked for medical attention and were given a number of drugs to try to treat residents. Those symptoms progressed to bleeding from the eyes, nose, and mouth. No word came from the mainland about the travel restrictions, and what may have been in that crashed plane. A rumor began that an infected person just kind of went stone faced, and turned and attacked those caring for him. Then there was another report, and another. It all went to hell quickly after that. The Natioanl Guard and law enforcement setup defenses where they could. But there were just so many infected, those positions quickly fell. There was no help coming from the mainland, we were left here to die. Those of us that remain fight amongst ourselves for supplies, and the simply fact that no one trusts anyone else. Religious figures said that this was the end .........and it was.

Here are the details for whats in-game:

  • 93 characters with ground spawns.

  • Players will appear on the radar for now. This is temporary, to help test the pvp.

  • Weapons, armour, and health packs have specific spawn points marked on the map. Most of those spawn points, outside of Ammu-Nation shops, are on modifications made on the map. There are about 30 defensive positions/camps, as well as overgrown and destroyed areas. Food will do proximity spawns for the player. The spawn rate is low, you should try to pick up all you see., trucks, and motorcycles will spawn in the wild and can be refueled. They can also be saved in garages marked on the map. Vehicles with mounted guns would be a prize. Helicopters will also spawn... use them if you find them. They cannot be refueled or saved as they tend to be OP when played well.

  • You have your green bar for your health and blue bar for body armor on the botton left. You also have In-game Voice, Hunger, and Thrist on the hud. The In-game Voice is set to "normal" by default. To get a little more distance on voice you can select "shout" by pressing and holding Left Shift and then press "L".

  • There is Armed AI that are walking the map that will fire on EVERYTHING.

  • The "infected" will spawn around every player. So if you have a large squad there will be many "infected". You need to aim for their head to put them down. They re-act to noise and you need to go for their head to kill them. The spawn rate for the infected will be turned down if needed to help the pvp environment.

  • The "Hot Properties" blips are to show where Molotovs are spawning.

    Some default FiveM settings and notes to help those new to the game:

  • You should go to your GTA in game menu, by pressing "P", and select "settings" then "Camera" and turn the first erson head bobbing off.

  • You can do a quick click on hte right mouse button to go to 1st person for firing your weapon. mouse wheel will adjust your sights. You can also fire in 3rd person but you have no sights on weapon views.

  • "P" brings up your immediate area on map (click that map and you can checkout the entire map. Setting waypoints on the map will help greatly with a vehicle).

  • "C" will give you the view from behind you.

  • "Q" will let you take cover behind a available cover. Walk up next to it and hit that key.

  • "V" changes between 1st and 3rd person(several 3rd person views).

  • "2 through "6" selects your weapons. Repeatedly hitting that number will sort through every weapon of that type. You spawn with a baseball bat, a switchblade, and a flash light. Your mouse wheel provides a quick selection of weapons.

  • "F" enters/exit of vehicles.

  • "F9" will drop the weapon you are holding to the ground.

  • "H" will throw your hands up to surrender. Press that key again to put them down.

  • "K" will provide a menu with another set of gestures. Backspace will get you out of that menu.

  • "M" will bring up your consumables menu. You can select food items that you have connected. You can also use repair kits(usables) for your vehicles. You must be sitting in the vehicle to use those kits. Backspace will get you out of that menu.

  • Spawn a campfire: hit "t" to open the command window followed by typing /campfire. Also use /delcampfire to delete the fire. Use on level-ish ground to spawn correctly. May come in handy as the map has no power.

  • Once you have lost about half of your health you will begin to limp. A med pack will restore your health.

  • You can kill yourself using any handgun. Hit "t" to open the command window followed by /suicide.

  • Active gas stations are shown on map with jerry cans. It's a proximity action. Pull up close to the pumps and exit the vehicle. It will give you the option to refuel.

    Some images:

  • GTA V: The End of Days